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cryoPREP Dry Tissue Pulverization Systems
The non-contact, rapid, dry pulverization system for biological tissues

“cryoPREP has the highest reliability in making nucleic acids accessible in a gentle manner especially in comparison with bead-beating of unfrozen samples”
- Dr. Claudia Wylezich, Institut für Virusdiagnostik

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 Note: Gummy Bears are used for dramatic effect inspired by the Halloween season. Ideal sample types for the cryoPREP include tumor, muscle, bone, seeds, and more!

With the cryoPREP, you can dry pulverize a variety of sample types without compromising integrity- no direct contact with liquid nitrogen!  The use of the tissueTUBE also ensures there is no cross-contamination or clean-up steps required.

High-throughput high molecular weight DNA extraction from human tissues for long-read sequencing

Kelvin J Liu1, Michelle Kim1, Duncan Kilburn1, Jim Laugharn2, Hamid Khoja2
1) Circulomics Inc, Baltimore, MD; 2) Covaris Inc, Woburn, MA

Presented at ASHG 2019


What is the cryoPREP workflow?
Snap (flash-freeze)
Crack (dry pulverize)
Pop (AFA-enabled cavitation to actively extract) 

Advanced Tissue Processing Workflows with tissueTUBE and cryoPREP
cryoPREP Literature

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cryoPREP Products

Tissue Extraction Workflows 

cryoPREP References

Protocol: Preparation of Frozen Liver Tissues for Integrated Omics Analysis
Liang N, Fan R, Goñi S, Treuter E. Preparation of Frozen Liver Tissues for Integrated Omics Analysis. Methods Mol Biol. 2019;1951:167-178.

Liang N et. al. explain that they chose the Covaris cryoPREP to pulverize their frozen liver tissue samples vs. other methods available to avoid sample thawing, loss of material, and cross-contamination. 


A Versatile Sample Processing Workflow for Metagenomic Pathogen Detection
Wylezich C, Papa A, Beer M, Höper D. A Versatile Sample Processing Workflow for Metagenomic Pathogen Detection. Sci Rep. 2018;8(1):13108.

In their research, Wylezich et. al. explains why the cryoPREP was the best method for extracting high-quality nucleic acids when developing a sample processing workflow for diagnostic metagenomics analysis.


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