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ChIP Webinar Recording Available!

Simplifying ChIP from Primary Cells and Clinical Samples for Epigenetic Applications

Presented by: Tobias Waltermann, PhD, Bayer
Introduction by: Roman Rodriguez, Director of Marketing, Covaris

  Key Learning Objectives:
  • Optimizing cell lysis and nuclei isolation prior to chromatin shearing
  • A streamlined and easy workflow for ChIP from virtually any mammalian cell type

AFA-TUBE TPX with RFID Sample Tracking
Covaris Certified Consumable Designed to Simplify your Automated Workflows

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Cell Lysis Brochure



truXTRAC® FFPE tNA Flyer


Covaris-certified Consumable Guide

Formulations Brochure
Updated Protocols and User Guides

Quick Guide: DNA Shearing with LE220-plus/ LE220R-plus/ LE220Rsc

Document Number: 010433

This Quick Guide provides DNA Shearing protocols for the Covaris AFA-TUBE, microTUBE, and miniTUBE consumables using Covaris LE220-plus, LE220R-plus, or LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator instruments. 

Updates were made to revise the AFA-TUBE protocol and to improve the document formatting.



User Manual: Covaris DNA Shearing Verification Kit for the AFA-TUBE TPX on the LE220-plus

Document number: 010474

This kit allows users to verify the performance of their LE220-plus Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator.  This manual was updated with the new AFA-TUBE parts and updated AFA settings. 

*Please note this guide is for using kit PN 520120 with the AFA-TUBE on the LE220-plus.  Refer to User Guide Document Number 010184 for use of the kit with microTUBEs on other Focused-ultrasonicator instruments. 

Quick Guide: DNA Shearing with ME220 Focused-ultrasonicator

Document Number: 010349

This Quick Guide provides DNA Shearing protocols for the Covaris microTUBE and miniTUBE consumables using a Covaris ME220 Focused-ultrasonicator instrument. Updates include an appendix providing details and methods for running a time course, minor changes to rack definitions, and updated product naming conventions.

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