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DNA and RNA purification from FFPE & cfDNA samples on the Thermo KingFisher

• Automated, magnetic bead-based purification of nucleic acids
• NGS-Quality DNA and RNA from a single FFPE Sample
• Reduced hands-on time and processing variability
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oneTUBE-10 Now Available in two formats on the LE220-plus Focused-ultrasonicator

• 96 oneTUBE-10 AFA Plate- Order now!
• 8 oneTUBE-10 AFA Strip (Also available for the ME220) -Order Now!

Visit our website to see how your NGS workflow can be improved with oneTUBE-10!
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cryoPREP® Summer Sale

Working with fresh tissues is difficult when stabilization is required prior to extracting DNA, RNA, or chromatin. Using the cryoPREP dry pulverization process greatly enhances biomolecule extraction, enabling increased yields, improved integrity, and greater complexity, allowing you to discover so much more!
From now until 31 July 2018, receive 25% off* your CP02 cryoPREP Impactor and Starter Kit order!
*Exclusions apply. 
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Featured Publication
Neuronal PAS Domain Proteins 1 and 3
Are Master Regulators of Neuropsychiatric Risk Genes
The Covaris tissue ChIP workflow is the only ChIP-Seq workflow that enables investigators to recover high-quality chromatin from limited tissue masses.  In this publication, the authors use the Covaris cryoPREP and truChIP Chromatin Shearing Kit to process <20 mg of murine hippocampal tissue to identify genes regulated by the NPAS1 and NPAS3 transcription factors.
Reference: Michaelson JJ, Shin MK, Koh JY, et al. Neuronal PAS Domain Proteins 1 and 3 Are Master Regulators of Neuropsychiatric Risk Genes. Biol Psychiatry. 2017;82(3):213-223.
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New App Notes:

A Streamlined Workflow to Perform ChIP from FFPE Samples

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Pipetting Best Practices for Covaris 96 microTUBE Plate and 8 microTUBE Strip in Automated Liquid Handlers

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Magnetic Bead-based Clean-up Using AFA-energetics™

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Updated Protocol 

LE220-Plus Shearing Protocol
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Software updates
ME220 Starter Methods and Rack Installer Files

This file will install the latest Method and Rack Definition files for SonoLab 8 and the ME220.  Instructions for installation on the website.
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Covaris Grant Program
Bring AFA-energetics to your samples

Our Grant Program supports outstanding research projects that advance scientific discovery through the improvement in preanalytical sample preparation for clinical samples.

Submit your grant application to:

Bill Campbell
VP of Marketing

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Next Generation Dx Summit
August 21- August 24, 2018
Visit Covaris at booth #200. Join our presentation, "Standardize Clinical Workflows for Both WGS and WES with Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics®," on August 21 from 12:00-12:15 during the Clinical NGS Assays: Technologies and Validation track
EMBL Transcription and Chromatin
August 25-August 28, 2018
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