DNA/RNA Shearing Service

for Next-Gen Sequencing

The Covaris AFA process is the Industry Standard for DNA fragmenting and is used by major genome and clinical research centers world-wide. Scientists choose the Covaris DNA Shearing Service for several reasons; e.g.

  • Project work – you may prefer to immediately use the Covaris DNA Shearing Service rather than purchase an instrument based on project timing.
  • Increased throughput – customers with a single-tube Focused-ultrasonicator (S-Series or M-Series) will use our Service when a project requires a higher throughput
  • Evaluation – sometimes customers want to evaluate the Covaris AFA shearing process for their samples before purchasing an AFA system

For users without a Covaris AFA system, using the DNA Shearing Service provides the same benefits as using your own Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator:

  • Reproducible, narrow size distribution
  • Non-contact, closed tube–no chance of cross contamination
  • Isothermal, high recovery process
  • Compatible & validated with ALL Next-gen sequencing platforms—SOLiD/Ion Torrent, Roche/454, Illumina/HiSeq to MiSeq

How the Service works:

  • Contact Covaris (Email: services@covaris.com) for pricing information and ordering procedure.
  • Follow the protocol in the order form and then ship DNA samples to Covaris.
  • Covaris will process the DNA samples according to the base-pair range specified by the customer, sheared DNA samples are returned to the customer, with electropherogram confirmation if requested, within 24 hours upon receiving the samples.

* DNA Shearing Service is limited to customers within the continental United States. For special requests outside of the continental United States, please contact Covaris.