SonoLab® Software for Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators

Operating System Compatibility: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, 7 or 8

Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology is precise, yet tunable to your specific application.  SonoLab Software is used to control Covaris’ Focused-ultrasonicator instruments allowing millisecond timing control of the focused acoustics.  The proprietary software provides a user interface for manual control of the instrument, as well as an “integration interface” and an API for automation integration.

Method editing made easy for your application

Detailed history logs for each method run

Instrument scheduled set-up available for degas and chiller

Watch the SonoLab demo video here.

SonoLab Version Attributes

Visit our Instrument Support and Software Downloads page to the find the version of SonoLab for your Focused-ultrasonicator

Covaris Instrument Compatibility