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Utilization of the Covaris® 96 oneTUBE-10 AFA Plate Streamlines NGS Sample Prep

The most commonly used approach for fragmenting genomic material utilizes mechanical shearing. This method is advantageous in that it introduces little to no bias as a result of processing. However, mechanical shearing methods necessitate the use of specialized equipment and consumables and, currently, require several manual transfer steps for processing. The workflow presented here eliminates […]

Combining Covaris 96 oneTUBE-10 AFA Plate with Swift Biosciences Accel-NGS 2S Kit for an Optimized Single Tube Workflow for Robust, Low Input NGS Library Preparation

In this case study, DNA shearing in the oneTUBE was paired with Swift Biosciences™ Accel-NGS 2S® Kit for NGS library construction. The 2S kit preserves complexity from low input samples due to enhanced end repair chemistry for highly efficient adapter ligation in a single tube workflow. This combination enables for the first time DNA shearing, […]

Optimized Covaris truXTRAC® FFPE RNA Protocol for Isolating RNA from Laser-Capture Microdissected (LCM) FFPE Tissue for Next Generation Sequencing

SUMMARY It is well characterized that RNA extraction from FFPE tissues can be challenging, often producing low yields and/or poor-quality RNA which can adversely affect success of downstream applications such as Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). In this application note we describe an optimized workflow using Covaris truXTRAC FFPE RNA kits with deparaffinized, stained LCM-FFPE tissues of cancerassociated […]