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Evaluation of Next Generation Library Preparation using DNA Extracted from Dried Blood Spots using truXTRAC® DBS DNA kit

Dried Blood Spots (DBS) provide an easy and inexpensive way to collect and store peripheral blood specimens from infants, children nd adults.[1] The use of DBS allows for less invasive procedures for patients and easier shipment while still providing the ability to run molecular or clinical biochemical assays. This convenient method for the long term room-temperature […]

Industry-Standard Covaris DNA Shearing Performance for Every Laboratory – Large or Small

The M220 Focused-ultrasonicator is the newest DNA shearing system from Covaris. The M220 is designed for Next-Gen sequencing applications. Using highly controlled AFA™ (Adaptive Focused Acoustics) technology, the M220 reproducibly shears DNA into random fragments ranging from 200bp to 3.0kb. Compact, cost effective, and easy-to-use, the M220 “Personal Fragmenter” is the ideal shearing system for […]

Covaris Consumable Shears DNA to 6kbp – 20kbp Fragments

g-TUBE, the latest innovation from Covaris, is a single-use consumable that enables scientists to shear genomic DNA into selected fragments sizes ranging from 6kbp to 20kbp. The only equipment needed is a compatible bench-top centrifuge and a pipette. g-TUBE uses centrifugal force (the “g” in g-TUBE) to push the sample through a precisely manufactured orifice […]

Covaris to Supply the BGI with High-Throughput DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing

Beijing, China and Woburn, Massachusetts, USA—July 11, 2011—BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) and Covaris, Inc. today announced a deal that will integrate Covaris’ Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ AFA™ DNA shearing technology across several BGI laboratories in China. BGI will utilize the Covaris LE220 parallel processing, multi-sample platform to fragment DNA samples for Next-Generation Sequencing. “BGI will use […]

Covaris Introduces Bench-top, AFA-based Process Technology

Ground-breaking, enabling tool for both formulation of poorly soluble medias and new drug delivery systems. Woburn, MA—March 25, 2011—Covaris Incorporated today announced the introduction of the Bench-top SF220 High Performance Formulation Processing System. The SF220 system was designed to extend the company’s groundbreaking Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA) technology to higher volume sample processing. With the […]

Caliper And Covaris Establish Co-Marketing Agreement To Simplify Next Generation Sequencing

– Integration of DNA shearing technology with automation and microfluidics solutions simplifies next generation sequencing workflows and improves sample quality – HOPKINTON, Mass.—Feb. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire/—Caliper Life Sciences, Inc. (CALP: 6.64 -0.15 -2.21%) and Covaris Inc., Woburn, Mass., today announced a co-marketing agreement which will leverage Covaris’ acoustic DNA shearing platforms and Caliper’s automation and […]

Covaris Receives the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) New Product Award at LabAutomation 2011

WOBURN, MA—February 8, 2011—The Covaris® LE220™ Focused-ultrasonicator has received the prestigious SLAS New Product Award at the LabAutomation 2011 conference in Palm Springs CA. With over 4,400 attendees, LabAuto is the premier laboratory automation conference and exhibition, bringing science, technology, and industry together. Breakthrough products introduced at LabAutomation are evaluated by a team of industry […]

Tecan and Covaris Co-Market Freedom EVO® with Adaptive Focused Acoustics™

Männedorf, Switzerland—November 18, 2010—Tecan is collaborating with Covaris, Inc., a rapidly growing company providing advanced sample preparation solutions for life and analytical science, to co­promote the Freedom EVO® liquid handling platform with integrated Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ (AFA). This co-marketing agreement will allow customers to benefit from both the advanced capabilities of Tecan’s Freedom EVO systems […]